I photographed the mold-making process step by step so you can see how it's done.

In a nutshell, here is the basic process to making recombinant art:

1. Attach the objects to be copied to a smooth surface, and then paint on one or more coats of flexible urethane rubber.

2. Pour plaster over the cured rubber layer. After the plaster sets, all three elements are separated.

  • original objects
  • urethane rubber mold of objects
  • plaster backup mold

3. The flexible mold, which is now supported by the plaster backing, can be filled with a gypsum cement mixture forming a casting or replica of the original object.

Multiple copies can be made, which are then painted and assembled to create the finished sculpture.

Found objects glued to board  

Urethane rubber painted on  

First coat complete  

Second coat  

Third Coat  

Plaster backer mold over cured urethane  

Cured rubber mold supported by plaster backer  

Wet gypsum cement filling mold  

Cured gypsum cement casting removed from mold